Marshmallow and Cashew Popcorn

A while back I said I’d be experimenting more with popcorn and candy, and I that wasn’t a lie. This is the result of that epic essai.

First of all, to make something this tasty you have to pop your own popcorn. It’s not very hard and it’s really easy to turn it into something you really want instead of a buttery, artery-clogging pile of puffed corn.

I started with:
A tall stock pot (nothing out of the ordinary)
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
Enough veggie oil to cover the bottom of the pan

Then cover the pan and heat on medium. As it’s cooking, shake occasionally and when the loud, scary popping noises become less frequent (when only one *pop* happens every 3-5 seconds) take it off the burner. I like to give it another good shake before talking off the lid. And then, wha-bam:

Isn’t it amazing?


So what makes this special: before enjoying this wondrous bounty, I put it on a baking sheet mixed with marshmallows and cashews with a sprinkle of salt.

After the request of my roommate, I decided to put nutella on half before baking.

With the oven preheated to 275, make for 10 minutes, check, then 10 minutes again. The marshmallows on top get hard and dry, kind of crisp like the kind in cereal while the marshmallow under some popcorn becomes gooey and wonderful.

I ate all of it almost immediately.

Popcorn and Candy

This is just a quick update, but I wanted to let you know about the wonders of popping your own popcorn! It’s explosively fun! Quite literally. There’s a video coming soon about that last statement.

I plan on venturing into different flavorings and whatnot and making my own gourmet popcorn and it should be fabulous. Popcorn is pretty much my favorite snack and not too long ago I found out that the glue on the bags can supposedly give you cancer and/or infertility, two things I’m pretty keen on avoiding. So to avoid that, I’ll just make my own

I also am in the middle of building another website in collaboration with my candy making friend who doesn’t yet have his own site. Expect greatness.