Candided Jalapenos (and strawberries)

For some reason, the jalapenos turned out much prettier than the strawberries. Both tasted good, it’s just that it’s weird when your fruit looks like beached jellyfish. That’s not to say that the strawberries were a complete failure, though; they made a great filling for a candy that I’m going to talk about later on. But the weirdest thing about then wasn’t how they looked but how they tasted. Once you make candied fruit you understand why fruit candies don’t taste like fruit–they’re the concentrated super sweet version of fruit.

To candy fruit all you need is
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 hours

To start, slice the fruit. No so thin that they fall apart, but nice and bite-sized thin.

Then combine the water and sugar in a saucepan then heat and stir until the sugar’s dissolved. Once that’s ready, toss in the fruit and let it simmer for two hours.

They syrup would be good to use for other candies or for pancakes, so if you have the means, strain the fruit and keep the syrup in an old pasta sauce jar or something.

When the fruit’s strained, let it sit in the open air to dry a little.

(See I told you they look like jellyfish. But they taste super good.)

You also want to stop them from touching, if possible, that way they don’t make clumps.

Once they’ve dried for a while, you’re done!

Personally, I like candied jalapenos, but they are super spicy. We boiled them along side habaneros which only made things hotter. But if you like spicy treats or Mexican candies you might really like this. But if you’re afraid, this is the same technique to make other candied fruits. Lemons and oranges taste really good when made this way, and you can even eat the peel!

Good Mexican Food is Hard to Come by

So I’m currently in California visiting people and being a gigantic tourist. Not just doing the cheesey/awesome stuff, but also eating a lot of food, most of which has been tacos. I have yet to find a good taco place in Texas and I think it’s safe to say that I utterly hate Tex-Mex. But here I have found a delicious taco heaven and am enjoying every minute of it. In fact, I think I’ve eaten at least one taco every day I’ve been here (ice cream too so far, but that’s just a coincidence).

So, if you live in California, be thankful for the bountiful tacos that surround your everyday existence, and if you live in Texas, I’m sorry. Maybe it will get better someday.