Pizza posts

I meant for this week to be pizza week in celebration of my early Christmas present of a gigantic and awesome pizza stone, but I left the dough recipe at a friends house…

Hopefully I’ll get it tonight and start the festivities tomorrow.


So, I don’t have any food to present to you right at this moment, just some words. I love the ideas behind Louisiana food–make something delicious out of what you have on hand. That’s the basis of gumbo, jambalaya, etc. That’s why it’s so exciting when Thanksgiving comes around–you can make so many awesome things with that leftover turkey, and Thanksgiving greenbeans are awesome.

That’s also why a lot of times when I cook, there’s a common ingredient in the dishes. Like, when I made the P√Ętes de Manette, I bought way too much gruyere. Therefore I had to make a lot of cheesy food. They’re not all posted yet, because I didn’t want to drown you in cheese, but you’ll be seeing them soon.

Usually when this happens to me, it’s an easy to work with ingredient. But right now I’ve got an abundance of green onions and I can’t think of what to do with them–no green onion based dishes come to mind. Other than green onion pie, and I have no idea how to make it. But then again, there’s always the internet.

But anywho, let me know if you have any ideas; I’d love to try something new.

Time Machine

Here are a bunch of pictures I found hidden in the far corners of my computer of food I have made in the past. Eventually I’ll have a post for all of them. But hopefully this will give you a broader idea of what I like to do.

If there’s one that piques your interest more than the other ones, let me know and I’ll probably make it next.