So, I’m Hailey.


I started this blog after thinking about all the cooking and whatnot I enjoy. To me, this seems like a good way to get my food ideas out there, and maybe even get some new ones (hint, hint). For a long time I wasn’t very interested in cooking–that was my sister’s domain, but while in France, my interest grew. I started making lists of foods I wanted to make for people when I got back to America, along with a few modifications I wanted to try out. That also inspired me to learn how to make all the foods I grew up with–grandma’s casseroles and cobblers, mom’s pizzas and pastas… So ever since then I’ve been learning and experimenting. I take pictures of almost everything I make, and I used to post them on my Myspace (oh man, Myspace), but this seems like a much better idea.

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